About reading healthplex

Project Overview

This new state-of-the-art facility for comprehensive surgical and patient care will provide an unparalleled patient experience in one of the most technologically advanced healthcare centers in the region.

Green Roof

The 88,000-square-foot Green Roof will be the largest in Pennsylvania and third-largest in the U.S. on a healthcare building. In keeping with our focus on innovative ways to protect the planet, the roof saves energy by providing greater insulation, while offering a more therapeutic environment for patients.


The top of the facility will feature a helipad for an effective means of transporting emergency patients to Reading Health System.

Healing Garden

The Healing Garden area will provide a place of relaxation and promote healing for patients, families and staff.

Nursing Stations

Each patient floor is set up with decentralized nurse stations in front of each patient room to provide more direct patient and care giver accessibility.

Hybrid Operating Suites

Six hybrid-capable operating suites will transform surgical care by integrating state-of-the-art imaging equipment into the operating room.

Operating Suites

18 state-of-the-art surgical suites will provide unparalleled access to the latest technology and procedures for superior clinical outcomes.

Preadmission Testing

Preadmission testing enables the hospital to gather critical information about a patient’s medical and surgical history, and provide the patient with important instructions on how to prepare for an upcoming surgery or procedure.

Procedure Rooms

Patients who are having the following procedures will be treated in the procedure rooms: endoscopy, pain management, stereotactic breast biopsy and lithotripsy.

Procedure Waiting Room

A designated area for family members to wait for an update on a patient who is having a procedure.

Post-Anesthesia Care Unit

All patients are admitted to PACU following surgery to recover from anesthesia.

Patient Floors

The tower will feature five patient floors with 30 private patient rooms on each floor designed for maximum comfort and healing.

Patient Rooms

All 150 patient rooms will be private, equipped with smart technology and designed to help patients and families feel more comfortable.

Family Waiting Rooms

Family waiting rooms will be specially designed to ensure comfort for patients’ families and friends, including access to refreshments and other resources they may need during their visit.

Emergency Department

Reading Health has one of the most active emergency departments in the country. The expansion will increase the size of the Emergency Department by 17,500 square feet.

Emergency Department Patient Rooms

16 new private patient rooms replace curtains, emphasizing dignity and patient safety. Each room will be equipped with flat-screen TV’s, state-of-the-art interactive GetWellNetwork access and telephones to help families stay in touch.

Emergency Department CT Scanner

State-of-the-art 64-slice CT scanner for advanced imaging for traumatic illnesses, stroke and other potentially life-threatening injuries and illnesses will also be housed in the 17,500 square foot expansion.

Cardiac Decision Units (CDUs)

Patients with potential heart issues are initially evaluated in the Emergency Department and transferred to the CDU, a dedicated area where patients with cardiac conditions receive assessment and specialized care.

Psychiatric Evaluation Center

The evaluation area will provide 10 private rooms and additional space for consultation with specialists for patients who are experiencing a mental health or emotional crisis.

Trauma Center

Three additional trauma bays will provide our growing community with immediate and specialized care for critically ill and injured patients.

Trauma Waiting Room

The trauma waiting room is located in the Trauma Center so that clinical staff can have quick access to family members who are waiting for information on a patient.

Main Lobby

The main entrance to Reading HealthPlex will feature an effective wayfinding system that will direct patients and visitors through the new facility.

Connecting Lobby

This glass-enclosed vestibule connects the new facility to the N Building.

Conference Room

Located on ground level, this multi-purpose conference room will be utilized for meetings and staff training.